The meaning of Sports

The word Sports originated from the French word desport meaning “an entertaining and amusing activity”. Sports in earlier days was considered as an activity not something that modern day sports aim for. Today, Let us assume that I am a professional sports player (I wish I could:)) then I must have to face a fierce competition right from getting the sponsors to coaches to everything. I am not painting the negative picture here, but there is a huge difference in being a professional and a hobby player.

Long ago Greece was the country where worlds biggest sports gala Olympic games were born. It was in the honor of the King and Queen. Women were not allowed to even attend the ceremony forget about being participants.

Gone are those days. Now, Women are participating in almost every game. Be it Boxing, Wrestling, or weight lifting (this is all about Indian women empowerment!). okay, let’s move ahead.

Why we play sports?

Playing sports is a physical activity except few games like Chess where you have to use your brain power more than the physical strength (considering that you have a good stamina to sit at the same place for hours:)). It has been scientifically proven that children who are active in to sports tend to develop not only physical fitness but also good social skills as well. Team sports are more fun than the individual sports. Kids who are part of a team game develop a great camaraderie among team members. It is beautiful thing.


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Why I like sports?

Well…to begin with I was never been an athlete. At school I barely participated in any physical activities. (Too badL) I was shy and introvert. (Hey people that is STILL my personality trait!)  It was Television channels and sports magazines that my sister used to subscribe caught my attention and fancy and since then all my heroes are sports personas. 🙂 I love watching sports and keeping a tab on what is happening in the great world of sports.

India and Sports

I do agree that India is not a sports power YET. But we are doing much better as compared to the past. 2012 London Olympics was so far the best Olympic year for us where we managed to win 6 Olympic medals. In a country where Cricket is THE religion, few other games might have taken a back seat. These days things are changing for good and I am positive.

Let’s have fun and work towards a better future!



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