Thai sensation Ratchanok Intanon – my one of the favorite player from the Badminton world!

There are some players who are so humble and modest on and off court. Ratchanok Intanon is one of them. I have seen her play. She carries herself very well even when she is losing the match. I do feel this is the one distinct characteristic of a great sports player that distinguishes her/him from the rest of the pack. Mind you… it is not easy to hold your nerves, your emotions particularly at the crucial moments of the match. After all we are humans and we have feelings and emotions. Ratchanok seems to have this quality since quite an early age.


She started playing badminton at the age of 6-7 years. Her parents used to work in a factory and they wanted to keep this hyper active child busy and thus badminton was found. During one of her interview she said that she wanted to work hard, play good so that she can raise the standard of living of the family. She has done it already at her teen years. Isn’t it incredible? Her parents no more work at the factory. Thanks to Ratchanok!

She has been awarded the promising player of the year by Badminton World Federation. She won her first SuperSeries title India open in 2014. She again reached to the final in 2015 but lost to Saina Nehwal. (I enjoyed that match.) Well… I am not an expert in the technicalities of the sports. Initially when I used to watch her playing I always felt like she has more of defensive play than the attacking. Now a days you got to be attacking. The game is becoming fast paced and sometimes physical as well. It drains you when it comes to playing long matches especially when the opponent is giving you counter punches. She is going to improve for sure. I feel if she continues to focus on physical aspect she will emerge stronger and be world number 1.


I think she is the only player who is having a great one on one record against the world number 1 player from Spain Carolina Marin. That simply shows that this Thai sensation has no fear facing best of the best in the world.

I wish her to do best in 2016 and will look forward to her upcoming matches.


Image source :flicker


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