This post is funny in some way as here I am dreaming about me being a world class shooter. I do like to try it in real but have not given a serious thought about it. I do want to give it a shot one day!

Anyway in fictional world I am being interviewed after my big win. Read more to find out Berrys Cover Story!


CNN News: Berry with the media talking about her win at recently concluded 10 meter air rifle shooting World championships in South Korea


I am being interviewed by CNN news to talk about women empowerment and shooting as sports in India.


CNN News:  Jyoti getting interviewed by CNN correspondent

CNN: Let’s talk about your life? How you started with shooting?

Berry: I came from a pretty modest background. At home we never had any sporting culture as such.  In fact I was never been an athlete. But many times while growing up I always had a huge influence of sports persons on me rather than any Bollywood movie actors one grow up watching. I liked the raw and honest emotion a player shows while playing any game. As I started watching more sports I too felt to try out something. Shooting is one such game which has no age limit. It is an individual sports and you don’t need to run around much so I thought let’s give it a try.

CNN: How long have you been a shooter, and what do you enjoy most about your career?

Berry:  It may sound clichéd but I always loved to punch; whether it’s punching holes on a paper or punching my brother. J Shooting is my hobby. This is individualistic sport so most of the time you feel total in control or you make yourself feel that things are all in your control.

CNN: How about women empowerment and what does shooting has to do with it?

Berry: I would like women to raise their voices and to be self dependent. Shooting is a good way to channel your energies and focus on one target.  That may give a head start for many women to tackle their problems in a more positive way.

CNN: You have been listed in a leading magazine as one of the influential persona. Would you like to comment on that?


Berry: Oh… All I can say is a big thank you. I love my life.  Ultimately that’s what each one of us should work towards. You keep growing everyday along with your people.



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