Champion of Champions – Mary Kom!

“Like every other athlete, I always dreamt of playing at the Olympics, and it feels really good to see that dream materialize.”

-Mary Kom

Not many people know that Mary is a five-time world champion. Everybody started noticing her after the London Olympics. When Priyanka Chopra portrayed her in a title role, Mary has become a household name. So here is our 11th Olympian – Mary Kom!


As It Happened
Wednesday, August 8, 2012, London

Mary Kom created history by becoming the country’s first woman boxer to win a medal at the Olympics. She finished with a Bronze in the 51 kg event at the London Games.  Mary Kom lost to local favorite Nicola Adams by 6-11. However, she stood third in the competition and garnered an Olympic Bronze medal.It was first time that women boxing was included in Olympics sports.

Life of The Champion

Mary has keen interest in athletics since childhood. She got interested in boxing and took up the sport at the age of 15. She was inspired by Dingko Singh, an Indian boxer who won the gold medal in the 1998 Asian games. Boxing is her passion. It is the fuel that keeps her driven at all time.


The early days of her childhood were an extreme struggle with poverty. She had to help her parents in the fields, take care of her siblings, take care of the house and attend school. Despite being 5 time world champion, she was relatively unknown. It was Olympic medal that changed everything.